The elegance is realized through the use of decorative film that brings out the uniqueness in glass applications. Decorative lamination combines practical functions of impact glass safety with the quality and artistry of selected designs and colors. It’s perfect for various applications that range from retail to residential environments creating a unique aesthetic visuals. We will work with you to add a specific texture, design, pattern or color for your product to meet your needs.

For those looking to enhance their surroundings, decorative laminated glass broadens an array of aesthetically unique opportunities with glass manufacturing. Already providing the safety and functionality of lamination, a decorative product creates an environment that’s designed to your own liking.

As a customer you have a choice of selecting a color laminated insert or select a decorative film that will sit between two laminated inserts. Want a frosted look, no problem. Our team will work with you to make it happen. There are endless applications that appeal to any glass type of finishes.